Stronger Voice for Children works in a strategic, continuous, and effective manner to improve child protection in Bosnia. We aim at transforming structures, institutions, laws, policies, and mindsets. This approach is far more cost-effective than assisting individual children (the latter being done by our network’s members within their organizations, if you would like to support this kind of work, reach out to our member organizations), it allows us to impact lives of many more children and provide long-lasting, sustainable effects. There are many ways in which you can support our work- we are looking to hear from you!


Network’s financing is for the time being exclusively project-based. This means that we seek funding for our specific activities and we depend on grants given to us by donors. While this form of financing allows us to accomplish a lot, it reduces our ability to provide timely reactions to issues arising in child protection realm, it shortens our chances for professional growth and improvement of advocacy and lobbying services. Simply, there is just so much we can do with time-bound grant-financing and sometimes, due to lack of ongoing financing, we lose opportunities for meaningful interventions.

If you want to support financially improvement of child protection standards in Bosnia, please contact us for details about how to transfer the money or offer in kind/service donations.


We are always looking for ideas, suggestions, and new ways to do things. Since advocacy and lobbying aren’t well developed in Bosnia, we welcome your suggestions for how to improve our work. We specifically appreciate inputs in the areas of: public campaigns, advocacy, media relations, public relations. If you are an individual/company specializing in those fields, give us a shout so that we can join forces for betterment of child protection in Bosnia.


Our work is time consuming- so many issues to tackle! We are always open to work with committed, energetic volunteers who want to support our cause and gain valuable experience while doing so.


If you are interested in investing in long-term impact, contact us!

Ms. Berina Ceribasic,


Tel/Fax: +387 33 657 012

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